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Similar and/or competing products on the marketManufacturerPricesCapacityPowerComments
Liquid ice hockey skates bauer ice maker machineSUNTIER $ 1 350 $ 1 39640 kg380WFlake ice
Liquid ice maker id200-077DF $          60090 kg95 kg500 WIce Blocks, All stainless steel type, water type ice-making efficiency is high, the transparent ice cube, ice thickness adjustable
Ton Sea water flake ice machine on boatSNOWELL $ 5 000 $ 7 0001,0 t/day8000 WFlake ice, Fluorine system/Ammonia system,  Thickness of flake ice: 1.5~2.2mm, Corrosion resistant
Liquid ice maker,High-giant flake ice machineHigh-giant $ 1 000 $  8 0001,5 t/day8,3 KW
Industrial and Marine Ice Machines from Sea Ice; Trawler Ice MachinesSea Ice1,0 t/day2,5 t/dayOnboard Ice Machines, Industrial Ice Machines, Sea Water Ice, Hydraulic Ice Machines, Fresh Water Ice, £5 to £6 per tonne to cover power and water.
Flake ice maker with CE confirmedNanbei $ 2 536 $ 45 3202,5 t/day8,5 KW
Liquid ice makerICELANDER, BITZER Refrigeration System $ 40 0003,0 t/day14,8 KWIce blocks
Salt water flake ice machine on ship for fisherySNOWELL $15 000 $ 17 0003,0 t/day25 KWSalt wate flake ice machine, Manufactured with 316L stainless steel, corrosion-resist
Sea water ice maker KMH-5T CE approvedICEUPS/OEM $ 5 000 $ 10 0005,0 t/day17,9 KWFlake ice, CE, Full-automatic microcomputer control and safety operation system, Compressor of top brand –Bitzer, Anticorrosion of SUS316 stainless steel, Flake Ice Thickness Range: 1.5mm to 2.2mm, form Guangdong China, plc automatic control
ChipIce-MachinesTrawler Ice Machines0,0 t/day10,0 t/dayFlake ice, scale ice, streamIce, bloc Ice, etc), Special tropicalized ice machines
NuggetIce-Machines0,1 t/day1,0 t/day
StreamIce®-Maschines1,3 t/day24,0 t/day
BlockIce-Machines3,5 t/day10,0 t/day
Slurry ice machine for FishingQINGFENG1,0 t/day15,0 t/day2,2-30 KWconcentration from 20% to 50%
Snowkey Sea Water Ice MakerSnowkey $10 000 $100 0001,0 t/day30,0 t/day10 different modell available, Flake ice, from Fujian China, Certification: CE,ISO9001, CE, ISO14001
StreamIce®Ziegra1,3 t/day24,0 t/dayIce density of 15 – 55%
Ice Slurry GeneratorModuPak™ Deepchill™5,6 t/day22,4 t/day20-79 KWSlurry ice, Vertical deepchill™ evaporators, 316 stainless steel wetted parts, Water-cooled, 304 stainless steel modular frame, NEMA-4 separately mounted electrical panel
Water Cooled Seawater Slurry Ice Machine For Fish Preservation REFRIEND $20 000 $ 60 00010,0 t/day20 KWDesigned for seawater
IceSeaTM Ice MakerC-BEA Stainless Products, Inc. $10 000 $ 15 0008,7 t/day26,1 t/dayfresh water crushed ice or salt water brine ice, Continuous crushed ice making process
S16 Slurry Ice GeneratorSlurry Ice Systems38,0 t/day96,0 t/day32 kWfrom sea water, for medium sized production lines, JAMES ON 07768 105036, CE-PED certification, 10-40% slurry ice
Slurry Ice Machine for fishneryFocusun $        50 0002,0 t/day300,0 t/day21kg ice from 1KWh electric power


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Patent TitlePatent  publication numberPublication dateInventorAbstract/ Further information
Ice maker on fishing boat waste heat driven by and with double hot-pipe chemical adsorptionCN100414219 CAug 27, 2008R. Z. WangA method for the field of marine waste heat driven adsorption ice double bed chemisorption fishing with ice maker, including: sea water condenser, cooling and heating valves, adsorption bed, shell, liquid level controllers, gas heater , flanges, ammonia condenser, back to quality control, flooded evaporator mass recovery valves. Gas-gas heater located at the bottom of the housing, water condenser located at the top of the housing, the heating valve is located in between the bed and the gas-gas heater, the cooling valve and the water in the bed between the condenser, the adsorbent located in the adsorption bed, ammonia condenser and adsorbent bed by connecting flange connected to the flooded evaporator and ammonia condenser is connected back to back quality control through quality valve connecting the left and right flooded evaporator, liquid level controller settings inside the housing is connected through a pipe with the adsorbent bed, the adsorbent in the adsorption bed. The invention solves the problem of corrosion gas, reducing the number of valves improving the system reliability.
Absorption type ice making machine using residue heat of ship diesel machineCN201212762 YMar 25, 2009高洪涛The utility model relates to an ice maker of an absorption type by adopting the waste heat of a marine diesel as a driving heat source, which is mainly composed of a diesel smoke exhaust converter, a regenerator of a smoke gas type, an absorber, an evaporator of an auxiliary ice maker and a condenser, wherein the regenerator of a smoke gas type is respectively connected with the absorber and the condenser, and the absorber is connected with the evaporator of an auxiliaryice maker; the diesel smoke exhaust converter is connected with a chimney or a smoke exhaust pipe of the marine diesel, and refrigerating effect provided by the evaporation of coolant is utilized through the auxiliary ice maker to prepare pumped seawater into dualistic ice. The utility model has the advantages of smaller size of the absorber, higher efficiency of heat and mass transfer, energy conservation andice making cost decrease by adopting the seawater as a raw material.
Method and apparatus for cooling fish on board a shipEP0382730 B1Mar 10, 1993Vladimir Leonidovich Goldstein, L. A. DavidAn apparatus for cooling fish on board a ship is provided. This apparatus includes an ice-making machine for producing fine particles of ice in a brine solution. Coupled to this ice-making machine are means for directing ice from the machine to either a vessel containing brine solution or to a catch of fish. A method of cooling fish comprising producing a slurry of fine particles in brine solution in an ice-making zone and directing the fine ice particles onto either a catch of fish or into a vessel containing brine solution is also provided.
Method and apparatus for cooling fish on board a shipCA1286888 CJul 30, 1991Vladimir L. Goldstein, David LaAn apparatus for cooling fish on board a ship is provided. The apparatus includes an ice-making machine for producing fine particles of ice in a brine solution to form an ice-brine sluury. Coupled to the ice-making machine are means for directing the ice-brine slurry from the ice-machine machine to either a vessel containing brine solution or to a catch of fish. A method of cooling fish on board a ship comprising the steps of producing a slurry of fine particles in brine solution in an ice-making zone and directing the slurry onto either a catch of fish or into a vessel containing brine solution is also provided.
Method and arrangement for keeping a magazine of ice cubes and liquid in a loose and lump-free conditionWO1994004879 A1Mar 3, 1994Asbjorn RonnebergA procedure is being described for keeping a magazine of ice cubes in sea water in a loose and lump-free condition, and this is achieved by subjecting the magazine to a physical mixing influence creating a strong movement in the ice cubes and sea water mixture. The mixing influence is achieved by injecting air into the magazine creating air bubbles effecting the mixing movement. An arrangement for carrying out the procedure is described. This above mentioned procedure can be carried out by modifying an arrangement known per se for transporting fish from a storage magazine, in which the following steps are carried out: the injection of air into the magazine, discharging a mixture of ice cubes and water into an intermediate storage tank, after which the mixture is transported to a processing area by subjecting the intermediate storage tank means to an over-pressure.
Separation heat-pipe type absorbing ice machine used for shipCN1544864 ANov 10, 2004王丽伟, 王如竹, 吴静怡The invention is a quasi-separating hot-tube absorbing ice machine for ships. It adopts fume pipeline to directly heat, the intermediate cooler is welded with the second ammonia tank and connected with an absorbing bed through the ascending and descending segments of the hot tube, the electromagnetic valve is set on the descending segment, the condenser is welded with the first ammonia tank and connected with the absorbing bed.
Integral heat pipe adsorptive refrigerating machinesCN2578752 YOct 8, 2003项威The utility model relates to an integral heat pipe adsorptive refrigerating machine, which uses waste heat as energy source. The utility model is provided with a condenser, an ammonia tank, a throttle valve and an evaporator, which are orderly connected. The utility model is particularly characterized in that the at least two integral type heat pipe adsorptive refrigerating generators are connected in a system in parallel.
Pump fluid type composite alternating separation heat pipe marine compound adsorption ice making machineCN1327172 CJul 18, 2007王丽伟, 王如竹, 许煜雄, 陆紫生One kind of adsorption refrigeration technology areas belonging to pump liquid separation type compound alternating heat pipe type marine compound adsorption ice maker, the main components are: pump fluid boilers, vertical and horizontal pump tube, heat pipe heat descending and ascending, waste heat recovery boiler , flake ice machine, bed, ammonia liquid pipe, stainless steel condenser, cooler, copper coil, heat pipe cooling descent stage and ascent, water loop.
Ammonia absorption type refrigerating apparatus utilizing waste heat of exhaustCN1766462 BMay 5, 2010庞启东, 张文辉The invention discloses an ammonia absorption refrigerating device of tail gas residual heat, which consists of ammonia solution circulation loop and ammonia circulation loop, wherein the pumped cooling high concentrated ammonia solution is given back to the residual heat generator to heat, which utilizes the heat of heat regenerator, finestiller coiler, generation-absorption heat exchanger and the combination body of exhausting device and heat regenerator; the cooling quantity of low-temperature ammonia steam from evaporator and liquid ammonia from condenser is withdrawn to improve the refrigeration coefficient. The invention adapts the tail gas to heat directly, which can be used in other non residual heat occasions.
Absorption type refrigeration equipment by using afterheat of internal-combustion engineCN1415922 AMay 7, 2003肖尤明, 徐烈This invention relates to an absorption cooling device utilizing diesel afterheat especially relates to a double generation afterheat absorption cooling device taking water as the cold-producing medium and lithium bromide solution as absorbent or taking ammonia as the cold-producing medium and ammonia solution as absorbent, including an absorber, solution heat exchanger, condenser, evaporator, solution pump, two parallel generators, one of which is a driven coolant generator with diesel coolant as the heating source, the other one is a tail-gas generator with diesel tail-gas afterheat as the heating source.
Lithium bromide heat-storage and cold-storage systemCN101793446 AAug 4, 2010俞自涛, 夏巧民, 樊建人, 洪荣华, 王维, 胡亚才,邱中举The invention discloses a lithium bromide heat-storage and cold-storage system. The system is a novel energy storage device, which comprises a generator, a condensing evaporator, a shielding pump, an exhaust tube, a steam compressor, a valve, a heat exchanger tube, a thermometer, a pressure gage and a separator. The system adopts the principle that: the system stores and release heat by using the characteristics of low water vapor pressure of lithium bromide solution.