Managers shift from freshwater focus

AFTER many years’ work establishing professional standards for freshwaters, Britain’s fishery managers are seeking a bigger role in the development and conservation of the country’s sea fisheries.

In a major change, four of seven sessions at the annual conference of the Institute of Fisheries Management (IFM), which is being held in Liverpool on October 7-9, will be devoted to sea and estuarine fish.

Keith Hendry, chairman of the conference organising committee, said the institute was exchanging ideas and helping train personnel with the English regional inshore fisheries and conservation authorities (IFCAs) and similar bodies in the rest of the UK, and working with academia, rivers trusts, consultancies and volunteers.

“We plan to expand this working together starting with the October conference,” he said.

Dr Hendry is managing director of APEM, a leading international freshwater and marine consultancy with headquarters in Manchester.

Officers from three IFCAs – North Western, Devon & Severn, and Southern – will speak in the first conference session, chaired by Stephen Atkins, chief executive of the North Western IFCA, including one on the controversial issue of integrating angling into the management of sea fisheries.

Other sessions will be on marine development and fisheries management, sea trout and the significance and management of sea run and transitional fish.

Sessions on freshwater fisheries will cover catchment management, fish passage and barrier removal.

The conference is open to all and delegates can register at Organisations seeking space in the conference exhibition should contact Paul Coulson, at or call 0845 388 7012.