Project progress

 The development of RECOICE was continuous since the launch of the project. Based on a thorough and extensive market survey and on the feedback of the participating SME partners, the general system specification of the prototype was drawn, by taking into account technical and economical  feasibility issues of the system.

The market survey maps down the most commonly used on-board ice making machines, Stirling-engines, heat exchangers and disinfestation units that are currently available on the market.

The general system specification details the power and mechanical considerations (max weight, layout and size), operation temperature, ambient humidity and also deals with environmental issues. The components of the RECOICE system are also evaluated with general parameters. The basic system specification is reflecting the prototype productivity and market requirements and the installation options of the prototype were evaluated on-board at the M3 technical meeting, which took place on the target fishing ship, provided by SME project partner VERL. These options were scheduled according to the target ship size and properties with control system requirements assessed.

Currently the vessel type definition and working environment of the system is being evaluated in the light of the most common fishing cycles of the target fishing ship. By having defined the ice quantity that is needed for the target fishing ship, a very detailed system specification is under preparation, that will specify each RECOICE components, so that the conceptual design phase can be started.

The next planned step is to re-visit the VERL fishing ship to measure the temperature conditions of the waste exhaust gas.